Missional Community Movement Vision

“Uniting the Body of Christ to plant missional communities in every college, club, residence, and culture at the University of Texas.”

Values of the Missional Community Movement

Targeted Mission
We believe God has called us to take ownership of the souls of the 50,000 students at The University Texas, and that we must strategically work together to reach every student with the gospel of Jesus.

Authentic Accountability
We believe that while God has called us to a common vision and strategies, each campus ministry also has specific God-given part to play in reaching the campus.  We desire to hold one another accountable to each individual role and to partnership in the collaborative vision and strategies.

Community Learning
We believe that in order to be effective ministries at the University of Texas, we must learn from one another and challenge one another to grow in effectiveness.  Learning happens best in community, and we value time spent with one another diligently seeking God for best ministry practices in our context.

Creative Collaboration
We believe we must collaborate together to effectively reach the University of Texas with a common vision and agreed upon strategies.  Our collaboration will may include shared training, cooperative resources, common initiatives and events, and corporate celebration together.