Battling Student Apathy


Student apathy is a common issue that both teachers and parents have to deal with. Apathetic students are those that show indifference and zero interest in class. When not addressed properly, this could lead to serious consequences in terms of the child’s education and character when they grow up. 

Thus, battling student apathy must be done as early as primary school. Here are tips on how to keep children engaged and motivated to study. 

Focus on their strengths

First and foremost, it is important to identify a child’s strength to know where their interests lie. For example, for children at ages 5 to 11, parents can seek the help of the programs of a primary school student care to find out what piques their curiosity and attentiveness. 

Listen to the students

In terms of learning, students should have a voice. Allowing them to make decisions and give suggestions on activities will increase their motivation in class. It could be on simple tasks such as deciding where to go on a field trip or what to do as a class project. At the end of the day, the teacher should still take the lead. 

By giving the students a voice to air out their opinion, you are showing them that learning is a two-way street. Understand where they come from and learn from their stories. This is one way to build a bond and a stronger connection with them. 

Celebrate small milestones, even small ones

No matter how small, education milestones and successes are a big deal for the student. This gives them increased self-confidence and motivation to do better the next time. Thus, always make it a point to acknowledge a high score, a good oral recitation or a well-written paper. 

This acknowledgement goes beyond giving good grades. You should also personally let them know how well they are doing in class. Knowing that their teacher pays attention to their actions will surely help battle student apathy.

Be inspirational

Most of the time, apathetic students are very hard to get through no matter what tips and tricks you do. So, you have to start appealing to the emotions. Inspire the students with a great future ahead of them if they do good in school now. Let them imagine about all the things they want to achieve and emphasize that education is the first step to success. Dreams don’t come true unless you work hard.

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