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So, you’ve decided you need some good advice on careers. You’d like a new career, in fact, and are wondering just where to begin.

Establishing a new career may seem daunting, but it’s not! Quality advice on careers can be found. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look. Talking to a careers adviser can be a helpful first step. Other helpful resources for new career research?

Friends and Family

If you’re considering a new career in a new field, who do you know that’s doing the job already? Often the best advice in careers comes from someone actually doing the job. They can answer questions such as, “What’s a day in the life really like?” “What particular skills are needed to do the job well?” “Which areas are hiring?” Friends and family can also share the realities of the career field, such as the things that may keep them awake at night or the areas they find particularly delightful or frustrating! New career information can sound glamorous on paper, but by talking with someone in the field, you can guarantee that the advice on careers you’re receiving is honest and realistic. All careers have good and bad points, and the more information you’re armed with, the better chance you’ve got of cultivating success.

Industry Associations and Groups

Another way to gain excellent insight on a new career is to join industry associations or groups affiliated with your chosen career field. If you’re unsure of where to find this information, a simple internet search will usually yield results. Alternatively, you can check with your local library, college, or job centre, as they may have information on local events held by area groups. Once you know their names, you can contact them for more information. Industry groups often hold networking events and other gatherings. These are a great way to meet others in the field (especially helpful if you don’t know anyone working in the profession!)

Labour Market Websites

Other resources that provide good advice on careers are websites geared towards providing labour market information and other job statistics. Try the National Guidance Research Forum or These sites are more data oriented and can be helpful in answering questions such as, “Where is this field growing” and “What market challenges are facing this industry?”

Finally, remember that advice on careers can come from a variety of sources. Deciding on a new career means taking the time to research. There is a wealth of information available. Don’t be afraid to take that step forward!

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